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Sand beach

Best Beaches in the World

Best Beaches in the World

Sand beach

I’m not a big fan of winter holidays particularly when the skies are stormy and the chances of apprehension are high. I tend to prefer summer holidays even though I think the weather is a little less friendly than in the height of winter. There’s just something about the warm dry days and the sparkling clear blue skies that I like. But one of the all-time favorites is a beach break close to home. My homeland is Spain and the coastal towns are heaven when it comes to seaside beauties. My favorite is Marbella which is located in the Costa del Sol province of Andalusia in southern Spain. Here are the top 5 beaches that I know of within only a 2-hour drive from Malaga, a popular tourist destination. Check out my latest post about travel tips here.

1. Playa de Cabanyal

This beach is made up of a blend of different colored earth that stands up to vary depending on the tide. The sides attracting the boats are natural but the higher ground makes for cooler drinks. Cabanyal boasts the only sandy beach in Andalusia and sometimes these beaches can be less than half the size of others due to sand being swept away in the tide. There’s also a vegetation area that is home to several rare plants and small animals making it special. Not to be missed is the Vieja Herondial, upon which a wooden path goes down to the sea where you can walk through the water and look for rhino toes, a type of mammal rarely seen inland. Being a narrow strip (canoe road) it provides a breathtaking view and a must-see for people staying in the area.

2. Cala de Algaiarens

The famous fishermen’s village which to be precise is located just outside of the city of Algaiarens near the Algaiarens harbor. Always referred to as a fisherman’s beach, this is the place to go if you want to try the waters of the Mediterranean. It is well known for the fishermen and what a view it has to offer. Plentiful and clear days make it a prime destination. The village is easily reached by road or via the regularly operated restored gondolas.

3. Estepona

The capital of the famous resort of Estepona, this beach is known for its cleanliness and the surfers battling to stake claim to the best wave. The lining of the beach is protected by railings and landscaping as well as shingle baths which are needed in keeping the beach level and the sea breeze to provide relief from the strong winds. If you arrive early in the morning many of the tourists will be here already enjoying the sea breeze. To the north of the Estepona port, you will find the ruins of long ago built-up towns and fishing villages for holiday trips and sightseeing. If you search the right beach you will find the ruins of Cobblestone and Roman ruins at La Zenia, which have recently been excavated.

These are just some of the many beaches in Andalucia and of course, this place is best known for its pride of place in Europe and one of the main reasons for visiting Spain. So if you want to visit the lovely Costa del Sol make sure there is plenty of chances for sun and to enjoy yourself to the limits. Close to Estepona and Marbella is the popular Costa de la Luz with its mouth-watering fish and vegetable market. If you visit early on in the morning or later in the evening there are a lot of people visiting here to enjoy the “cortado” (Live music) and of course, your Spanish skills will come in handy to make your time here more enjoyable.

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