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Plam trees near the pool

Best Destinations to Visit in Thailand

Best Destinations to Visit in Thailand

Plam trees near the pool

Thailand is a big country with lots of places to see and places to visit. Since it is a big country, it is advisable to plan your tour by having a map of the country.

Thailand is a favorite destination for many. Tourists, leisure travelers, honeymooners, and family explorers always wish to reach Thailand. If you are traveling to Thailand, I would agree that it is very important to have a Map of the country, to better know the place in which you plan to visit.

For what Thailand is famous for

Thailand is a very beautiful country. Thailand is also very famous for beauty pageants and beauty contests. As well as for dance and musical entertainment and stage shows.

Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, is a very big city. It has wonderful sightseeing places and wonderful nightlife. Among the things of Bangkok are the National Stadium, Khao San Road, Chinatown, Nana Entertainment Plaza, Asoke Road, Chalace Park, Wat Arun, etc. If you go to Bangkok, you should book a hotel according to the place you require.
Bangkok is the trade center of Thailand. The Center of Thai Culture and crafts is also located in Bangkok. The city is quite big, not like New York, but bigger than Equador capital.

Thailands most famous places to visit

Phuket is like heaven on earth. Phuket has plenty of beaches. This is a favorite destination of honeymooners. It has several hotels like Raffles Laut, Byblos, and Banyan Tree. Phuket Island is also called the Scenic island of Thailand. Phuket Island is known for its coral beaches, forest, and waterfalls. Tourists can relax on its beaches, go scuba diving, or visit nature temples and caves.

Pattaya is a famous seaside resort that everyone loves. Pattaya is located less than about 40 kilometers north of Bangkok. If you go to Pattaya, you have to stay in one of their seaside resorts. Pattaya is a city of hills and sea. Pattaya is a wonderful place for boat holidays, plane journeys, and car journeys. You can go to Pattaya by train, bus, car or plane. If you like a beach vacation, then you definitely should read about the best beaches in the world.

Iao Inthanon National Park is one of the parks in Thailand. If you go to Iao Inthanon National Park, you will see a lot of unique species of wildlife.

Places that you should not miss when visiting Thailand are the Bangkok Metropolitan City, Phuket, The Thai Island of Koh Chang, and the Old Town in Phuket. The capital of Thailand is Bangkok. This is the place where you should visit not only to taste the culture but to live it too.