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Travelers Face Against Many Contaminants – What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

Travelers Face Against Many Contaminants – What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

Sunrise - Travelmatethai

“Many people today are going through airport security in their bare feet or socks,” said Kim Laney, President of Terry Lane Products owner of “Not only are they spreading germs, but people are picking up others’ fungi, viruses, dirt, parasites, diseases, and various toxins. These bacteria can travel through the mucus membranes, skin, and compromised areas of our body to cause harm to our health. They can go virtually undetected until you experience symptoms, by then it is too late.

The potential health hazards for travelers

Millions of people walk through the Airport security in airports every year with their shoes off, some carrying and some picking up dirt, bacteria, fungi, or disease. A Natural infection that just needs a little momentum, by the way, is the toilet seat cover. The minute that you sit on a toilet seat there is a 99% chance that you have to ingest harmful bacteria, giving you a great opportunity to pick up something harmful. Not to mention if you hit your seat, dirty underwear or a used tissue are all potential health hazards that can cause hundreds of dollars in medical bills.

“Plastic allows bacteria to penetrate our skin, our suit, our hair, and our eyes,” Laney says. “These dangerous critters can travel through the air, on our skin, and, most likely, into our food and drink. With the airline increasing fees for every seat sold with a lid, there is a lot of competition to get the best deal out there. It’s not surprising that orphans are selling so well because it is the ultimate in hygiene,” says Laney.

The great example of health-oriented tourism

With Wisconsinites taking to the skies with Southwest Airlines becoming more adventurous, passengers are now taking to the skies. A windy city like Milwaukee can be a major hub on one of the nation’s longest major hubs for air travel packing. For years, Milwaukee was barely able to keep its northern border secure, let alone fly overseas. But in the last decade, the city has grown into one of the nation’s top regional centers for air travel Pugliese, in fact, is one of the top 10 largest single U.S. cities.

The $70 million dollar renovation of Bradley International Airport includes 12 new Gate Leisure Suites, 36 expansion cabins, new and improved baggage handlers, new background screening technology, and Track Interactive Technology.

“This project is a great example of Healthcare-oriented Tourism,” said Michael Graber, President of the Pickel Bar Co-op Travel Agency. “Not only are we affiliated with a major University, but we are also a major employer. This contract will add to our economic base and help attract new clients.”

The university is particularly committed to economic development through external educational partnerships. For example, the Wirth- Bohne Mentoring Program, which pairs university students with local business and community leaders to develop a variety of business ideas, will be extended to include travel to the Milwaukee area.

“A Quality Hotel is only one piece of this puzzle,” said Graber. “This contract certainly is a win for Milwaukee.”

The city, he said, has been and will be an attractive place to live and do business.

As the untested but still hot tourist destination that is Milwaukee begins its new era, it’s perhaps no wonder that it is additionally one of ten U.S. City Destinations for 2007.

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