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Two of the Most Scenic Highways in the US

Two of the Most Scenic Highways in the US

Village - travelmatethai

If you are a nature lover and have been wondering what to do when traveling on a long car trip, you need to consider the nation of roads. There are many roads that you can and should visit while on a road trip down America. There are two of the most scenic highways in the United States: Route 6 and Interstate 95.

Where you can find these beautiful roads

On the beautiful island of Maui, Hawaii, Route 6 (the six o’clock gun trail) is a 32 mile stretch of road that runs right through the center of the island. Plenty of vacationers (including me) stop off here for lunch, stretch their legs, or buy ice cream (it’s a small island town but most small towns have an ice cream store). The scenery is stunning. Relax in the sun, on a park bench, or near a swimming pool. If you do visit Maui, you should stay on Kauai, which features the stunning beach of Na Pali. The contrast between the tropical jungles and the lower mainland is stunning. 

The drive on Route 6 is absolutely beautiful, but be sure to plan plenty of stops to get out and see the natural beauty of Hawaii.

Interstate 95, or I-95 as it is more commonly called, runs from northern Washington through Oregon and California before ending at Los Angeles for a total distance of 2,448 miles (3,940 km). If you were to fly on an Independence Day holiday, it would be the one and only time in your life that you would be able to do so. Go over 50 miles per hour! Plan on visiting the three and a half states that are in the upper middle of the USA on this trip. Plan on visiting more than once. This will take some discipline and tenacity for your own sanity, but it is well worth it. 

Each time you break down and need to take a nap, just let yourself go. Allow yourself to just roll over and go to sleep. Don’t use the “I’m bored” line as you would say in No Vacancy. Just do like most of us do on vacation and sleep in! Additionally, while on the road, use the bathroom facilities whenever available (even if it’s only every 20 miles or so).

And while you are on Route 6, be sure to read the big sign that is strung out with highway miles from town to town. It will help you to plan your travel trip. It also specifies which destinations you have to get to in order to find out how many miles it will take to get there. If you don’t do this, you will find that you often have to backtrack a bit. 

But with the map of the US, you will be able to find the turn around easily. And with my tips that I gathered for you in this post, it would be easier for you to organize the private vacation.

Top tips for drivers on the road trips

If you have children, try not to be driving through them every hour. If you can, set aside 2 hours for the kids, before you start driving down the road. And especially, if you have small children in a car, you should take shorter trips (about every 30 minutes). Find other ways to keep track of them.

If you find that you are getting tired, do a partial trip. Take one section of the road while you are passing through several states, and try to spend some time at each location. You can even take a detour to a location up ahead. If you don’t do this, you may take an extra 15 minutes or so of your travel time.

If you have small children and are likely to be driving through several states, you should plan to pass through them slowly. If you get too tired, stop about every 30 minutes to give yourself a break.

Stay with the flow of traffic. Do not get too far out of the way of the traffic, but do stay in the middle of the lane. 

You should not cross the lane of traffic except for emergencies or when your path is blocked. Use your signals. Look at the sign to see where you can move.

Be watching both the road and the people around you. If the people start getting rowdy, explain that it will be difficult to find a place to sit and that you will be unable to get back into the line of traffic. When you consider that people will be driving around you, be patient with yourself, and explain that it will be difficult to find another car to share your car with.

Also, don’t forget about the benefits of weekend breaks during your ride! Have a nice trip!